The Uplevel Road Cycling Course

With the Road Cycling Academy


November 2023

It doesn’t matter your age, your location in the world, or how slow or fast you think you are right now. All that matters is this…

You’ve hit a cycling performance plateau and you’re not improving. You’re simply struggling to take the next step.

Whether that ‘next step’ be PB’ing a local strava segment, beating your mates around the block, achieving a certain time in a Gran Fondo event, or perhaps you’re looking for that confidence to race your bike for the first time.

Either way, you’re looking to improve! You’re motivated to take the next step…

So what is the Uplevel Road Cycling Course?

A 12 week program designed to uplevel your cycling. Offered through two packages:

What you gain access to:

Solo Breakaway Package

$447 USD

*20 step-by-step video tutorials
*Private group with monthly LIVE Q&A’s
12 week base & HIT programs
12 week premium pass to Today’s Plan
12 week pass to Wahoo SYSTM
12 week coaching support with the RCA

Directeur Sportif Package

$747 USD

*20 step-by-step video tutorials
*Private group with monthly LIVE Q&A’s
12 week base & HIT programs
12 week premium pass to Today’s Plan
12 week pass to Wahoo SYSTM
12 week custom coaching with the RCA

The Main Difference Between Both Packages?

Solo Breakaway

Solo Breakaway members receive ancillary coaching support to assist them with selecting the right off-the-shelf 12 week program, while gaining unlimited email support to RCA coaching over the 12 week period.


Directeur Sportif

Directeur Sportif members receive direct coaching support, where an RCA coach will start you off with a one-on-one consultation, followed by building out a custom 12 week plan. Your RCA coach will also follow up with you at four, eight and twelve weeks into program, to review your progress.

What do you need to join the Uplevel Road Cycling Course?

A road bike
A power meter
A heart rate monitor
7-10 hrs per week

For now, If you’ve got less than seven hours available training time per week, unfortunately you’re not in the right place.

If you’ve got more than ten hours per week, great, we can certainly cater to that.

How do you join?

As you will see from this website, there’s nowhere to sign up. Reason being, we don’t want people joining the course willy nilly.

So here’s how it works…

At the top of this page you will see our next opening date where we will be onboarding a limited number of new RCA members to the Uplevel Road Cycling Course.

If you’re keen to join that opening, you can apply for the course below.

We’ll assess your application and then assuming everything is good, we’ll add you to the early bird list for the next course opening.

Now if you’re keen to get started ASAP, which we know some of you will be…

We have an offering called “Get RCA Assessed” where you can essentially get the ball rolling now and fasttrack your onboarding to the RCA’s Uplevel ROad Cycling Course. There’s a link to the RCA get assessed page below.

What do Uplevel Road Cycling Course
Members have to say: 


Truman Carroll

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Student)

“In 14 weeks I increased my FTP on 218 watts to 300 watts on the dot. I translated that FTP onto the road by staying up the front with the best local riders”


Jeffry Morton

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Member)

“My FTP increase went from 224 watts to 323 watts in less than 4 months. I then went from C grade in the my Club Zwift Sunday races, to winning A Grade. All within a few months”


Chris ‘Fatty’ Sinclair

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Member)

“With limited time to train I was looking for something that could help me close the gap to be fit for an upcoming event, and with this program I’ve found that to be 100% the case. The framework and structure is easy to follow and I’d recommend this course, it’s been a real winner.” 


Ali Al-tek

My biggest learning from the RCA was base training. I’d never trained my base fitness properly before joining the RCA and I think a lot of people don’t know how important it is.” (Base fitness played a big role in Ali’s FTP jumping from 250 watts to 334 watts)


Tony King

I used to be a bit of a wheel sucker, but after the RCA’s program I am happy to do more turns on the front. In fact, I went from just hanging onto the bunch (*before joining the RCA) to working at the front of the group!” (Tony’s FTP jumped from 230 watts to 270 watts, along with losing over 10 kgs).