Reverse Coaching

Start your coaching journey in reverse...


Reverse Coaching

Start your coaching journey in reverse...

What’s Included?

What you’ll get

Monthly one-on-one consults with an RCA Coach (valued at $197 USD)

Premium TrainingPeaks (TP) included

Strategic weekly workout guidance added to your TP calendar

Gain access to monthly coaching LIVE Q&A presentations 

Gain access to the Uplevel Road Cycling Course (valued at $247 USD)

Joining fee

$199 USD

(then $149 per month)

Many cyclists out there are confused about their training, causing frustration with wasted time on bike. Yes, you could hire a cycling coach but the thought of following a program every week is overwhelming. Your cup is full and your ability to be consistent is rare.

However, there’s probably a couple of rides you can get to on a weekly basis that you're unsure about.

You I doing the right training? Am I wasting my time?

Some professional guidance could help…

By joining the RCA's Reverse Coaching program, you’ll literally start your journey with a one-hour call with an RCA coach. This is so we can get to know you, while also pointing you in the right direction with your current training. For bonus points – prior to your call - you can upload your last three months of training history into TrainingPeaks (we provide simple instructions in your welcome email). This is so we can analyse your recent training together.

From there, you'll have 4 weeks of training guidance from an RCA coach, who will work around your not negotiable rides. The 'guidance' won't be a specific training plan either. More so example workouts you can implement during the week, when you have 'free' time. Then, after 4 weeks of guidance, you'll have another one-on-one consultation with your coach. Reflecting on the past month and resetting for the next. This cycle continues monthly, until you've got what you needed.

Ultimately, with Reverse Coaching, you're coaching yourself month to month. You make the decisions. We just point you in the right direction. While you're learning from your RCA coach, you'll also gain access to the 20 step-by-step educational video tutorials in the Uplevel Road Cycling Course program.

With the idea being, no more wasted training sessions.

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