Meet the coaches

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Meet the coaches

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Road Cycling Academy Coaching Philosophy

Surprise and delight members with a hands-on approach to coaching and education about training. We aim to treat every member as an individual with their own goals. When it comes to your training we believe that enjoyment comes first. Therefore a major part of our philosophy involves integrating the rides you like to do with a structure that is proven. The idea is to implement this in a way that is also educational, so you can walk away with a knowledge-base, not just a daily workout plan. We work with you, whether that be in person, via email or video calls to give you the best advice and guide your training so you can take your cycling to the next level.

Our coaches

Cam Nicholls

Cam Nicholls Managing Director & Coach

◼ AusCycling Development Coach
◼ ASCA Cycling Strength & Conditioning Coach (current study)

The key to my approach is ensuring we’re blending the rides you enjoy doing, with a structured approach. I typically like to work a two to one ratio, where we work 2 weeks hard, and one week easy. This approach ensures you get the most out of your high intensity training, and allows good rest and recovery periods, to properly absorb fitness adaptations.

Ryan Thomas Head Coach

◼ AusCycling Development Coach
◼ Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education (Hons)

My passion is to provide coaching that involves not only a cycling program, but provide advice about everything you should be doing to maximise your potential. I find a lot of value in developing relationships, communicating regularly and being open throughout the coaching process. I am a very passionate competitive cyclist myself and know what it takes to achieve goals on the bike. I am also a big supporter of doing what makes you happy and I endeavour to create a positive environment with every athlete I coach.

Ryan Thomas
Danny Roberts Clarke

Danny Roberts-Clarke Coach

◼ B App.Sci (Exercise Physiology) and B App.Sci.Hons (Health Sciences)
◼ AusCycling Development Coach

I’ve long had a passion for science based, individualised coaching. The cookie cutter approach has never sat well with me, which is why I’m stoked to be working with RCA to help riders find what works for them and to really understand the principles of training. Beyond the science and numbers though, cycling is supposed to be fun… so you’re as likely to find me ripping a muddy berm on the mountain bike as hurting on the turbo trainer.

Georgie Whitehouse Coach

◼ B.Applied Social Science (Major in Counselling)
◼ PgD Psychology
◼ AusCycling Development Coach
◼ Cert III & IV In Fitness

I combine the mental and physical aspects of high performance and health to bring out the best in my athletes. I love working with people and finding the best approach that leaves space for life / work / relationships / wine, is appropriately challenging, builds on individual strengths and is fun! Having won two national titles, and represented Australia internationally, I not only draw from my academic background but also my personal experiences and passion to deliver up to date methods and practical guidance.

Georgie Whitehouse
Zack Gilmore

Zack Gilmore Coach

◼ Clinical Exercise Physiology (current study)
◼ AusCycling Development Coach

My coaching philosophy has been built from lessons passed down to me from a family of competitive cyclists, my personal racing experience, and my current university studies in exercise physiology. I have always had great supporters and coaches in my corner, and I am passionate about passing on the knowledge I have and bringing the enjoyment of cycling into people’s lives.

Carter Bettles Coach

◼ Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (University of Queensland)
◼ AusCycling Foundation Instructor

I’ve always been a strong believer in a science-based structured approach to training. Although this sounds complicated, in reality implementing this training around your lifestyle is simple! Still after 5+ years of structured cycling training, I am constantly seeing improvements. Don’t get me wrong, however, I love stopping at a cafe mid-ride or a brewery post-ride just as much as the next cyclist. But I believe that once we nail that balance between structured and enjoyable time on the bike, the sky is the limit.

Cartes Bettles

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