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Cycling is a unique physical discipline. Especially when we compare it to other sports, such as swimming, football, tennis, a triathlon club, etc. Within those sporting environments you’ll typically have a coach assess you, before guiding you to the right path. That ‘right path’ being – a relevant grade, class, piece of equipment, or style of training. In other words, an experienced person will set you up for success.

With cycling, however, the vast majority of us will buy a road bike and start riding on the road. For most, there’s often little to no direction nor advice from a coach. External to listening to friends or finding information online, you’re pretty much on your own.

So it’s a legacy cycling culture – here at the RCA – we’re trying to change. Because it doesn’t have to be that way!

What is Get RCA Assessed?

  1. 45 min consultation with an RCA coach 
  2. Test FTP & establish your power zones
  3. Identify your base training sweet spot
  4. Test your base / aerobic fitness
  5. Make a formal recommendation

What do you need for assessment?

  1. In good health 
  2. A road bike
  3. A power meter
  4. A heart rate monitor
  5. Smart or dumb indoor trainer 

The RCA’s formal recommendation – that will be sent via email after the final test – will include a synopsis of your current fitness levels and a zone specific summary of what type of training we feel you should focus on over the next 8-12 weeks. The recommendation is not a specific day by day nor week by week training plan. Moreso, professional advice on where to focus on now, across your available training time. 

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