Are you looking to take your road cycling to the next level?

Whether your cycling form has plateaued or you’re looking to start your cycling journey on the right path. 
Ultimately, you want to improve! FAST!
Your speed, power, and endurance. Give me the lot! 
Without, of course, disregarding the rides that got you into the sport in the first place.

Welcome to the Uplevel Road Cycling Course

The Uplevel Road Cycling Course is specifically designed to guide aspiring road cyclists
through a step-by-step system to stronger, faster, smarter road cycling. 

The course includes five core aspects:

1. 25 video tutorials 
2. Access to a private Facebook Group 
3. Access to a library of 12-week programs (in Today’s Plan
4. 12-week access pass to The Sufferfest (indoor training app)
5. A one-on-one phone call (Road Cycling Coach)

All are lifetime access! 

Once you have completed the initial one-on-one consultation with Cam, and then worked your way through the video tutorials, you will be presented with a library of 12-week training programs. Written by both Cam Nicholls and Jesse Coyle. 

Whether you’re looking to improve…

– Base fitness?
– General speed and power?
– Hill climbing?
– Event-specific, such as race or event day?

We’ve got you covered! 

What do Uplevel Road Cycling Course
Members have to say: 


Truman Carroll

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Student)

“In 14 weeks I increased my FTP on 218 watts to 300 watts on the dot. I translated that FTP onto the road by staying up the front with the best local riders”


Jeffry Morton

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Member)

“My FTP increase went from 224 watts to 323 watts in less than 4 months. I then went from C grade in the my Club Zwift Sunday races, to winning A Grade. All within a few months”


Chris ‘Fatty’ Sinclair

(Uplevel Road Cycling Course Member)

“With limited time to train I was looking for something that could help me close the gap to be fit for an upcoming event, and with this program I’ve found that to be 100% the case. The framework and structure is easy to follow and I’d recommend this course, it’s been a real winner.” 



Stronger, Faster, Smarter Road Cycling, in 5 Easy Steps…

This complete guide clearly outlines the 5 proven steps for aspiring road cyclists to take their performance to the next level. 

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